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About Dttr

Dalis Hitchcock, owner of D-Tails Dog and Cat Grooming Salon, has had a passion for animals her entire life. She has gradually started rescuing animals, while running a full time business and raising her two daughters.

Over the past few years, support for Dalis has exploded, and her vision of saving animals has transformed. As a result, D-Tails Dog and Cat Grooming Salon has been enhanced to include a rescue through the support and donations from community members. Each year, she is able to spay & neuter, get critical medical care, and adopt out hundreds of animals including dogs, cats, and birds. She, and her partner-in-crime, David, have had a hand in rescuing several large animals, rehabilitating inured wild animals, and reuniting lost pets with their owners, including an 8-foot red tail boa constrictor! There is no rescue that is too big or too small - Dalis & David rise up to the challenge to be a voice for animals that have none. If there is an animal in need, Dalis & David come to the rescue! 
Please consider supporting Dalis in her rescue efforts through a monetary or supply donation, purchasing merchandise, or participating in a fundraiser.

Gratiot Animals In Need (G.A.I.N.)

1696 W. Monroe Rd.

Saint Louis, MI 48880         (989) 875-2286 

Only available to Gratiot County residents*

Humane Animal Treatment Society (H.A.T.S.)

1105 S. Isabella Rd.

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858         (989) 775-0830

Spay Neuter Express

11610 Fulton St. E.

Lowell, MI 49331        (616) 897-8865

Has a bus that travels to many places. Go to website and check their calendar to find when they will be somewhere close to you!

They require you to either email or make an appointment through their website.

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