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Dalis to the Rescue Book

Dalis to the Rescue Book


This is the famouse Dalis to the Rescue childrens book. 


This book will come signed inside by Dalis herself! You may also choose if you want her to write something special.

  • Dalis to the Rescue Book

    Dalis has trouble making friends.

    The human kind, that is.


    One day, while walking home from school, young Dalis meets several animals who need her help. Dalis invites each one to follow her home and become her friend. After taking the animals to a vet for care, Dalis learns all she can about what each animal needs. She helps them heal and gives them a home, and together they formthe team that becomes "Dalis to the Rescue!"


    Dalis to the Rescue is based on the real story of Dalis Hitchcock and her non-profit organization that rescues and finds homes for abandoned animals. Dalis teaches people about the realities of pet ownership through her popular programs and visits with her animal friends.

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